About Uppsala and the convention

Kontrast is this year’s Swecon, the national Swedish science fiction and fantasy convention. It takes place in central Uppsala on October 5-7, 2012. Our Guests of Honour are British fantasy writer Joe Abercrombie, Canadian science fiction writer Peter Watts, American writer Kelly Link, Danish scholar and editor Niels Dalgaard, and Swedish writers Sara Bergmark Elfgren and Mats Strandberg, authors of The Circle, published by Random House.

Opening hours:
Friday: 15:00–24:00
Saturday: 09:30–24:00
Sunday: 09:30–16:30

Uppsala is the oldest university town in Scandinavia, just north of Stockholm and twenty minutes by train from Arlanda, the largest airport in Sweden. Kontrast 2012 will be held at Clarion Hotel Gillet, 600 meters from Uppsala Central Station.

There will be plenty of programming in English (about 50% in our current estimate) and a noticeable international presence at the con. Everyone, more or less, will be able to speak English.

Primarily, Kontrast will be a literary convention, but we will also make room in our programme for other important stuff like movies, TV, and games. This will be the fifteenth Swecon since the first one in 1998. Last year’s Swecon, Eurocon 2011 in Stockholm, drew 750 attendees and was the largest one ever. We hope for half that number this year, which would mean that it would be the largest Swecon that hasn’t been combined with a Eurocon, by a good margin.